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Sewer and Septic Control

EcoClear is a green product containing a specific non-toxic microbe for the breakdown of materials in sewer and septic systems. The granular material is packaged in easy-to-use flushable bags that dissolve in the pipes, helping to prevent clogs between the home and the sewer or septic tank. EcoClear also reduces organics and solids in septic tank effluent, decreasing surface scum by an average of 77% and bottom solids up to 40%.

EcoClear is used in both sewer and septic systems. It can be sold directly to the homeowner for your use or added as part of a quarterly service to keep the entire plumbing system running smoothly.

Benefits of EcoClear:

• Reduces Pipe Contamination
• Protects pipes, septic tanks and drain fields from organic and solids overload
• Reduces odor and backup
• Treats the entire system
• Proactive vs Reactive
• Safe & effective - Beyond Green